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Munawwar Associates, in addition to developing residential, commercial, and other mixed-use developments, mainly offers real estate advisory and construction services, with a special focus on design excellence, uncompromising quality, and on-time delivery of projects.

Building homes that are capable of meeting or exceeding your expectations

MUNAWWAR ASSOCIATES aim to help bridge the gap between what you see when you think of your dream house and what you actually get to live in. In addition to the construction of one, our main goal is to broaden people’s access to homes that are more like their dreams. We want to bring you closer to what you desire without requiring you to make any sacrifices in the process.

Tameer Expo

 Tameer Expo is a project by Munnawar Asscoiates.

A forum for all real estate and construction enterprises, Tameer Expo. There are several advantages for the audience as well as direct marketing, networking possibilities, and business growth opportunities for participants. You may also get scholarships, exciting prizes in lucky draw, monetary gifts for kids with special needs, and participate in a variety of entertainment-related events (concerts, theatre, family gala, and qawali).

We have sponsorship packages for all small and big businesses to make this platform accessible for all businesses in the construction and real estate industry. So avail the chance of being a part of one of the biggest property and real estate expo that is ever happening in the history of Pakistan! Sign up now for one of our sponsorship packages.

What you can expect from us

Our clients come first.

We ensure that our clients are entirely satisfied with the services that we provide by maintaining a rapid response time of 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

An extremely high level of service

We have a competitive advantage in all of the services we offer, and we make certain that each and every one of our customers receives the best service possible!

Certainty of security and dependability

Because of the exceptionally high standard of our work, our customers know they can rely on us. We make it a point to fulfil each and every one of their requests, and we work hard to live up to the high standards they have set for us!

Trust and openness to one another

Because the purchase of a new home can be such an important investment, we work hard to ensure that our relationship with the buyer is based on absolute trust on both of our parts. When it comes to being honest and open with our customers, we never compromise. We aim to strengthen our connection with our customers in order to develop a devoted following for our brand.

Commitment and the Acknowledgement of Responsibility

We are credible and plausible, and we accept full responsibility for our acts. Our credibility acts as the cornerstone of the professional connection that we keep with our customers. This connection ensures that both parties are certain that their duties will be satisfied because both parties are certain that their commitments will be met. Our job receives our undivided attention, and we follow through to see that all of our commitments are honored.

Understanding the Customers

We make it a point to work with each and every one of our clients with compassion and a positive attitude in order to understand the requirements of our clients and to fulfil those requirements by providing them with the most desirable and preferred house that is feasible, with the assistance of clear and efficient communication. To better serve all of our customers, we maintain a constructive mindset, empathic sensibility, and highly developed communication skills.


It can be challenging to locate a well-known property that is offered at an affordable rate and possesses the fundamental amenities, effective legal standing, and acceptable payment plans. You may rely on Munawwar Associates to find you the perfect house in Karachi that is currently on the market and that satisfies all of your requirements and standards.

Our previous work in Karachi has involved the construction and contracting of projects that were successfully completed on time and without exceeding their allotted budget.

A primary focus is on financial assets and other investments, as well as the management of these assets and investments. During every stage of the process, we are there to direct and counsel our customers.

We have everything necessary to fulfil any and all of your needs in terms of real estate advice. Our clients may count on us to provide investment guidance that is tailored to their specific needs and objectives in the realm of real estate.

We provide an amazing platform for all real estate and construction related businesses in Pakistan to contact one another as well as direct customers at the property expo that we run called Tameer.

Let's Find You Together The Place You Deserve

Call us or visit our office for any kind of Real Estate, Construction related queries.

Who We Are

About Munawwar Associates

In the year XYZ, the company’s creator and namesake, Qaiser Munawwar, established Munawwar Associates. Since Pakistan’s real estate sector is one of the fastest growing in the nation, he entered the industry with the intention of becoming well-known and accomplishing big things. While making important contributions to the business world, Qaiser Munawwar has also strived to improve the entire industry by fostering networking possibilities. The whole industry will benefit from this initiative. In anticipation of innovative projects such as Tameer, the industry is preparing to make considerable progress. Tameer Expo is a platform that provides the best options for all real estate and construction firms. Due to the platform’s countless advantages, every firm can expand and achieve its objectives. He plans this extend Tameer’s capabilities and provide Pakistan’s real estate professionals with more networking opportunities. The objective is to expand Pakistan’s real estate and construction industries while providing several benefits to the country’s citizens. In Pakistan, such measures are to be taken with an initiative like Tameer. In addition, he has made it easier for newcomers to enter the sector by building amazing platforms like Tameer, which offer an abundance of opportunities. Qaiser Munawwar aspires to increase Pakistan’s investments and lead the nation to success in the industry of real estate and construction.

Real Estate and Construction Industry of Pakistan

The real estate market in Pakistan, which is now the most successful sector in the country, is attracting the investments of a large number of local Pakistanis as well as Pakistanis living abroad. Because of the high returns and other benefits, investing in real estate is encouraged more than in any other industry. Not only is the construction industry advancing at a faster pace, but it is also responsible for the creation of many new jobs for the people of Pakistan.

We can see that there are a great number of fantastic real estate investment opportunities in Pakistan for the year 2021 and the years that will follow, opportunities that have the potential to produce sizeable profits and large income. Because the government has cut taxes on investments in this sector, now is an extremely good time to make these kinds of investments.

The stock market is volatile, gold prices are unpredictable, and there has been a considerable decline in property taxes until 2021. All of these factors have contributed to the recent surge in the real estate market, which has been attributed to a variety of factors. As a result of the reduction in construction taxes, many people have been given the opportunity to build the home of their dreams, which was previously out of their reach. As a direct consequence of this, Pakistan is home to an increasing number of distinct residential communities.

Formerly the nation's capital, Karachi has since grown into Pakistan's most populous and developed city, making it the country's most important urban center. Karachi, the largest city in Pakistan, is well-known for the numerous investment opportunities and significant real estate developments that can be found there. When it comes to real estate investments in Pakistan, Karachi is home to some of the country's most desirable neighborhoods and communities. These societies have both residential and commercial sectors, and inside those commercial and residential sections, one may find residential and commercial plots, stores, flats, villas, and residences, among other possible types of investment.

Investment Opportunities for Overseas Pakistanis

Pakistanis residing overseas are keen to invest in Pakistan’s real estate market due to the high potential returns and the chance of success. Real estate investment by Pakistanis living outside the country is expected to grow in the near future. In recent years, Pakistanis who have relocated outside the country have increasingly turned to real estate as a major source of investment. This is mostly because of the market’s relative calm and the industry’s promising profitability. In order to better understand why they are so interested, let’s look at the following:

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Our company offers apartments, bungalows, villas, stores, and office space. Our loyal customers can make purchases, rent items, or make reservations through our company. Because they have such high standards, we work hard to locate an excellent home for them that satisfies the criteria they provide in order to live up to their expectations.




Building homes that are capable of meeting or exceeding your expectations

We aim to help bridge the gap between what you see when you think of your dream house and what you actually get to live in. In addition to the construction of one, our main goal is to broaden people’s access to homes that are more like their dreams. We want to bring you closer to what you desire without requiring you to make any sacrifices in the process.